Steel construction and welding

Our workshops manufacture welded constructions weighing up to 50 metric tons. Experienced welders handle even the most demanding welding tasks and provide for highest quality standards by using modern welding techniques such as GTAW, GMAW, SMAW and MMA. We also fulfil, in addition to Class E manufacturing qualifications with supplementary qualifications for the welding of stainless steel and fine-grained structural steels, the requirements of ISO 3834 Part 2.

Qualified staff and first-class equipment in our welded parts production provide for short processing times with high quality. Our modern CNC-controlled cutting system performs autogenous and plasma cutting with maximum precision. For thermal treatment we are equipped with a special annealing furnace. Each of our plants has its own blasting and coating facility, enabling us to quickly and flexibly carry out all typical surface treatments (blasting, glass-bead blasting, coating) in-house.